Another Indonesian raped in Malaysia

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

An Indonesian maid has allegedly been raped by her employer in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia, Indon Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa revealed on Tuesday.

The incident took place two days after allegations of a shocking rape of an Indonesian migrant worker (pic at left - Siti Maemanah Kasman) in Penang by three Malaysian police officers.

“We just heard today that another Indonesian citizen has been raped. This time, by her employer,” Marty said.

The Acehnese maid was reportedly raped on Nov. 5 by her employer and assaulted by the employer’s wife. However, the Malaysian police only informed the ministry of the case on Monday night.

Indonesian Foreign Ministry spokesman Michael Tene said the matter was discovered when the employer’s wife took the maid to a police station, accusing her of theft.

“Noticing that the maid was injured, police officers questioned her. She later testified that she had been abused and raped.

When police tried to obtain statements from the employers, they were found to have run away,” he said via telephone.

The Negeri Sembilan police are still looking for the couple, while the maid is now being treated at a hospital in Seremban.

The Indonesian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur deployed a team on Tuesday to give her support and protection.

“Doctors say her condition is improving. This incident saddens us and we cannot accept this,” Marty added.

He called on the Malaysian authorities to carry out a thorough investigation into the case.

“The Malaysian police must detain the employers who have reportedly run away,” he said.

Responding to the two rape cases of Indonesian workers, Marty has corresponded with Malaysian Foreign Minister Anifah Aman, requesting the Malaysian government give its fullest attention to the cases.

Separately, Manpower and Transmigration Minister Muhaimin Iskandar said the suspension of permission for migrant workers to travel to Malaysia, which began last December, would continue until the two countries agreed on appropriate protection for Indonesian migrant workers and until Malaysia was seen to uphold justice in four major outstanding cases involving Indonesians there.

“The government will continue to discourage migrant workers from traveling to Malaysia until all those involved in the four cases are brought to justice,” he said.

He was referring to the killing of three migrant workers from West Nusa Tenggara on March 25, three East Javanese workers on June 19 and five from Batam on Sept. 7.

Indonesian Ambassador to Malaysia Herman Prayitno on Monday submitted a diplomatic note of protest to the Malaysian government over the rape case, which has sparked public outcry.

Muhaimin said Indonesia would resume labor supply only when the Malaysian government could guarantee the safety of Indonesian migrant workers in that country.

“I have instructed the Indonesian team in the bilateral working group to put the strongest emphasis on protection for migrant workers and their families as a preliminary condition in the ongoing review of our labor agreement,” he said.

The director general for overseas labor placement and protection at the Manpower and Transmigration Ministry, Reyna Usman, said her office was awaiting the arrival of the Malaysian task force before evaluating the increasing number of crimes against Indonesian migrant workers in Malaysia.

“If the current conditions are found to be unsatisfactory, we will continue to suspend the sending of workers to Malaysia until our neighboring country improves conditions and can guarantee our workers’ safety,” she added. (yps)

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