UPKO Party Leaders were 'trapped' by UMNO's RCI

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Joseph Bingkasan

According to a former Upko senator, current party leaders were 'trapped' by PM Najib Tun Razak's announcement of an RCI which is unlikely to convene before the polls.

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah MPs Wilfred Bumburing and Lajim Ukin – the respective leaders of new opposition groupings Angkatan Perubahan Sabah (APS) and Pakatan Pertubuhan Angkatan Sabah (PPS) – are now members of the opposition Pakatan Rakyat (PR) national council.

APS is led by Tuaran MP and former-deputy president of United Pasok Momogun Kadazandusun Murut Organisation (Upko) Bumburing while PPS is headed by Beaufort MP Lajim who is a former Umno supreme council member.

Both the MPs had on July 29 quit all posts that came with their positions as BN coalition members and pledged support to former prime deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim who now leads Pakatan.

However, both Bumburing and Lajim have yet to join any of the opposition coalition component parties.

Bumburing’s former boss in Upko, Bernard Dompok, was quick to paint the two former senior BN leaders ‘partyless’ status as indecisive, saying that they displayed the lack of confidence in Pakatan’s political struggle.

Dompok, the Plantations Industries and Commodities Minister, who is fighting his own battle to remain relevant in the ruling coalition, also questioned the need for Bumburing and Lajim to establish APS and PPS as their political platforms.

Dompok likened the Anwar-led opposition “as a duck in the water where on the surface the bird looked calm but underwater it was paddling hard.”

However, APS deputy president Maijol Mahap, an Upko vice-president until he resigned in August this year to team up with Bumburing, has hit back at Dompok.

“It is not for anyone to say whether or not Bumburing has any confidence in any of the political parties that make up Pakatan Rakyat. (Joining a political party) is not his priority,” said the former senator who lost his position after he quit the BN.

Upko has already given the senator post to its deputy secretary-general Lucas Umbol whose nomination was unanimously passed by the Sabah Legislative Assembly last week.

‘Pakatan made up of equal partners’

Mahap disclosed that after going through a series of discussions with several Pakatan party leaders including Anwar, it was agreed that Bumburing and Lajim through APS and PPS, assist the opposition coalition in their quest to topple the BN government and wrest control of Putrajaya.

“In relation to this understanding, leaders from APS and PPS have been appointed as members of Pakatan National Council,” he said.

“Unlike BN where Umno is the dominant force and all the other parties have to follow the dictates of Umno, Pakata) is made of equal partners where no single party dominates the other members of the coalition,” he said.

The former senator also backed Bumburing’s stunning revelation that Upko leaders had discussed pulling the party out of the BN and joining Pakatan.

“In fact before July 29, there were suggestion coming from several Upko leaders wanting Bumburing and his group to postpone their intended date to quit BN-Upko.”

According to Mahap, the leaders eventually agreed to let Bumburing go first while Upko leaders sort out some technicalities.

“However all these notions suddenly changed when Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak promised to announce the formation of RCI,” he added.

Mahap pointed out that currently Upko leaders are in a quandry and find themselves “trapped” by the announcement as until today the members of the RCI have yet to sit while “the terms of reference unveiled is nothing but a tool to try to appease the people”.

Upko leaders, he said, are aware that Sabah’s broken immigration system has posed a huge problem for the state and the country with no solution in sight and questions are now being asked about how tough or tender the federal administration will be towards the million or so immigrants already in the state.

“What will Upko do or say should the RCI fail to complete its reports during the stipulated time given to it and/or in the midst of it Najib dissolves Parliament and calls for elections?

“Perhaps the RCI might not even be able to sit for their first meeting before the general election is called,” he said, adding that Upko leaders would find it tough to go down and convince locals to defend the failure of the Umno-BN government in solving the problem.

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MACC panelist under fire for defending Musa

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

MACC panelist Abdul Rahman Dahlan's credibility is now under question after he openly defended Musa Aman over the RM40 million political donation

By Calvin Kabaron

KOTA BELUD: Kota Belud MP Abdul Rahman Dahlan has been reminded that he sits on a Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) panel and should not be too quick to jump and openly defend his Umno colleagues who are subject to corruption investigations.

Abdul Rahman sits on a MACC’s Special Committee on Anti-Corruption.

Last week he jumped to Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman’s defence over the RM40 million issue.

Commenting on this, Kota Belud State Reform Party (STAR) head Jalumin Bayogoh said Abdul Rahman’s defence of his party colleagues was an indication of a conflict of interest as he is supposed to help expose corruption and propose ways to strengthen approaches to stamp out graft and power abuses in the country.

“Last week he was very quick to defend the embattled Chief Minister Musa Aman, who is a subject on the still hotly-debated RM40 million issue, when he (Abdul Rahman) was never known to expose corrupt acts within the Barisan Nasional government.

“He might have compromised his position in the the special committee on graft which was established under the MACC Act. Moreover the the Swiss authorities are still investigating the Musa Aman matter,” Jalumin said.

Abdul Rahman had defended the government’s position in “clearing” Musa, saying that the RM40 million – being a political donation – was not Musa’s personal money but belonged to Sabah Umno.

He also accused the opposition of continuing to spin the issue after Malaysia’s authorities considered the case settled.

“What is the core business of Umno? It is a contribution from people for political activities. There is no law against anyone contributing money to political parties as long as they are accounted for.

“If I had RM1 billion and I like you and I gave you RM2 million, so what? As long as a receipt is given,” Abdul Rahman had said.

Abdul Rahman who is also Sabah BN secretary, challenged the opposition parties to reveal their own source of funding, saying they have not been transparent on theirs.

“Reveal your sources of income, how much have you collected from your donors. I have seen how Anwar (Ibrahim) in Permatang Pauh by-election threw money around,” he charged.

‘Chia was never arrested’

Asked about the claim by opposition parties that the RM40 million amounted to ‘foreign money’, Abdul Rahman reportedly said:” This is ridiculous, they are just having fun accusing Umno of everything.”

Last Thursday, Parliament was told that MACC had cleared Musa of graft and money-laundering allegations after finding that the over S$16 million (RM40 million) carried by businessman Michael Chia in Hong Kong in 2008 was not meant for the chief minister’s personal use but for Sabah Umno liaison body.

“It is not for the private use of the the chief minister,” Nazri said in a written reply to Batu MP Tian Chua.

The minister had also said the Attorney-General’s Chambers had shelved the matter after finding “no element of corruption” in the case.

Nazri’s reply also stated that the Hong Kong ICAC took no further action in the case after the MACC finding, while the request for cooperation in a criminal matter lodged over the Swiss bank account has been withdrawn for the same reason.

Earlier this year, Sarawak Report published documents purportedly from the ICAC that showed that a Swiss bank account in the name of a lawyer in Sabah contained some US$30 million (RM92 million) and was allegedly being held for Musa.

The report claimed that a paper trail showed that millions in euros, US dollars, Hong Kong and Singapore dollars were channeled from several firms to a number of British Virgin Island companies and subsequently to the Swiss account.

The transactions were believed to have been managed by Hong Kong-based timber trader Chia who was later arrested and charged with money laundering after attempting to smuggle S$16 million (RM40 million) back to Malaysia.

(On Aug 14, 2008, Chia, was caught red-handed at the Hong Kong International Airport with Singapore currency worth RM40 million in his luggage before be could board a flight to Kuala Lumpur)

However yesterday Nazri made yet another eye-opening remark in Parliament, claiming that Chia was never arrested by the ICAC in Hong Kong as was reported.

While Malaysia and Hong Kong are reportedly not pursuing the matter anymore from last week, the authorities in Switzerland are still investigating the case for money-laundering.

A powerful NGO, Bruno Manser Fund (BMF), is pressing for full investigations and is hoping that the famous Swiss banking secrecy would be lifted during a full investigation.

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Wanita Malaysia Tertindas Secara Seksual?

Friday, 19 October 2012

Wanita Malaysia masih takut untuk lebih terbuka dengan seksualiti mereka, kadang-kadang terpaksa menyembunyikan fakta bahawa mereka mempunyai hubungan seks, kata Vivian Lee, yang sedang hangat akibat blog seks.

Dalam kesombongan mendedahkan kehidupan seks beliau di blog Sumptuous Erotica, Lee mengaku bahawa telah dibesarkan oleh keluarga konservatif, tidak seperti kekasih beliau pelajar undang-undang Alvin Tan.

“Mereka tidak mahu dilabelkan, dan dianggap sebagai perempuan murahan,” gadis berusia 23 tahun itu memberitahu The Malaysian Insider. “Tiada apa yang salah dengan seks.”

“Saya telah sentiasa menjadi berbeza,” anak kelahiran Johor Bahru itu berkata. “Keluarga saya tidak faham saya,”

  • Beliau juga menegaskan bahawa walaupun perhatian luas diterima oleh keluarga beliau, ibunya tidak pernah menyuruh untuk memutuskan hubungan dengan Tan yang berusia 24 tahun seperti yang dilaporkan dalam akhbar sesetengah akhbar Cina. “Ia tidak benar, ibu saya tidak mengatakan begitu,” jelasnya.

  • Posting tersebut telah pun dipadam oleh pasangan berkenaan, meninggalkan hanya halaman diarkibkan dengan posting sebelumnya sejak dari bulan 20 September sehingga 15 Oktober, akan tetapi gambar-gambar dan video dari blog itu telah pun diedarkan oleh laman “Gutter Uncensored”.

  • Graduan pemasaran dari Universiti Multimedia Malaysia (MMU) di Melaka, bingung dengan perhatian yang mereka terima dari blog tersebut. Lee mennyahaktifkan profil Facebook beliau selepas menerima permintaan kawan yang terlalu banyak, dan kini ia kini kembali, bersama-sama dengan Tan yang tidak pernah diturunkan.

  • Lee mendedahkan bahawa mereka mula-mula berkenalan melalui Facebook, “Dia seorang lelaki yang menarik. Beliau bijak, lucu, dan pintar.”

Pasangan itu kemudian mula menyiarkan gambar bogel ditapis pada profil Tan di rangkaian sosial, tetapi memutuskan untuk mengambil satu forum awam disebabkan oleh peraturan sekatan kandungan di Facebook.

Sekadar gambar Illustrasi

Menurut Lee, beliau langsung tidak teragak-agak apabila Tan mencadangkan untuk membuka blog seks mereka, dan tidak lama selepas itu mereka telah mendapat capaian yang tinggi, kebanyakannya dari Amerika Syarikat dan di luar negara.

  • Dalam blog seks tersebut, Lee dan Tan berkongsi gambar-gambar dan video seksual yang menggambarkan perbuatan pasangan tersebut dalam pelbagai aksi telanjang dan melakukan seks, semua dirakam di pelbagai tempat di Malaysia. Imej-imej berbeza daripada potret artistik pasangan, untuk merakam dengan lebih dekat kemaluan mereka.

  • “Kami mengambil gambar antara satu sama lain,” kata Lee.

  • Tiga video dikongsi di blog Sumptuous Erotica termasuk apa yang telah diterangkan sebagai “video lucah pertama” mereka. Menurut pasangan tersebut video enam minit itu telah “ditrakam dan disunting dalam masa sejam dan disunting berdasarkan tema menarik.”

  • Video menggambarkan pasangan dalam situasi fantasi rogol, di mana Lee “diserang” di atas katilnya oleh penceroboh. “Ia adalah idea Alvin, dia fikir ia adalah berbeza dari semua lucah video lain.”

  • Ketika ditanya jika video mempromosikan aksi rogol yang dilihat menghina golongan wanita, Lee menjawab, “Saya tidak menyokong atau menggalakkan rogol, video itu tidak bermaksud untuk dilihat dengan begitu serius.”

  • “Fantasi rogol kami adalah perkara yang dipersetujui ... saya tidak merasa dihina, kerana kita hanya berlakon. Ia adalah sama seperti mana-mana pelakon lain dalam drama TV,” tambah beliau dengan mengatakan bahawa mangsa rogol tidak perlu takut melaporkan penyerang supaya mereka akan menerima hukuman.

Satu lagi video yang diambil dari perspektif Tan, menunjukkan Lee melakukan seks oral ke atas pasagannya. Video ketiga ialah pandangan orang ketiga melihat pasangan melakukan “seks panas di Kuala Lumpur” selama lapan minit.

Walaupun banyak komen-komen negatif kepada penampilan beliau, Lee berkata, dia selesa dengan tubuhnya, seperti Tan.

“Saya tidak berasa tidak selamat tentang diri saya,” katanya, apabila ditanya tentang bagaimana dia mendapat keyakinan beliau. “Ia adalah satu perkara yang semula jadi.”

Walaupun blog telah dibawa turun, Lee menyangka bahawa episod tersebut mungkin memberi inspirasi kepada lebih ramai rakyat Malaysia untuk lebih terbuka dengan kehidupan seksualiti mereka.

“Jadilah diri sendiri,” beliau menasihatkan wanita Malaysia lain yang aktif secara seksual.

Lee kini sedang mencari pekerjaan sepadan dengan minat beliau dalam reka bentuk dan seni, manakala jurucakap NUS telah mengesahkan semalam bahawa Tan akan disiasat oleh Lembaga Disiplin Universiti (BOD).

Sumber: The Malaysian Insider

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Malaysia Education Development Plan (2013-2015)

Friday, 12 October 2012

Education Development Plan (PPP) is to be done to reform the country's education system which implementation period is from next year until 2025. Prior to this, which is about 2006 to 2010 Education Development Master Plan adopted in line with the country's progress and the changing trends require a reform which is formulated in a new plan of the Education Development Plan (PPP) which will be announced at about 10 am later by the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Aspects to be addressed in the plan of development of Education (PPP)

In general, the 9 items below are the aspects that will be addressed in the Education Development Plan, namely:

1. Elevating the teaching profession.

Improving teacher quality

Teacher candidate recruitment through excellent academic

Quality in-service training

Increase the number of teachers with setting 1 teacher to 13 students over the previous one teacher of 16 students.

2. Improving school leadership.

Reward principals and teachers who demonstrate outstanding achievement and improve school performance.

Selection of principals and teachers based on merit as well as a more effective transition plan.

3. Improving the quality of schools.

Improving ICT facilities in schools

Internet and broadband facilities

Strengthen curriculum and assessment standards.

4. Building a curriculum that comply with international standards

5. Emphasis on creative, problem solving and innovation.

6. Improve languages.

7. Enhancing language proficiency third

8. Parental involvement, private and social sector as partners.

Better relationships and participation beyond the scope of school

Improve student readiness for higher education and the job market.

Various aspects directly applied to give students more prepared with the working

9. Skills such as leadership, problem solving skills, higher order thinking and effective communication skills.

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of resources.

Manage resources more effectively to ensure effectiveness in the nation's education

Build the capacity and capability of the delivery system.

Quality and lay ministry enhanced governance

Efficiency at every level of management officials improved.

Update: 11 Things in Education Development Plan (Post Launch)

A historic event will be recorded when launched earlier report of the Education Development Plan (PPP) from 2013 to 2025 to be launched soon. What is more interesting, this plan will also apply in 2020. What about the gist later? After the launch of the observations and recommendations will still be required and the public still have the opportunity to express an opinion before finalized at the end of 2012. For information, a preliminary report later proposal is derived from the 2012 National Education National Dialogue, which was held throughout the country. Source: The Star Malaysia 8 September 2012


Government recently launched the Education Development Plan, or PPP education development plan is designed for year 2013-2015. Overall, the plan consists of 11 items that should be taken note of:

1. Provide equitable access to quality education of international standard.

2. Ensure that each pupil proficient in Bahasa Malaysia and English

3. Produce Malaysian citizens who appreciate the value.

4. Transforming teaching as a profession choice

5. Ensure high performance leadership placed each school

6. Empowering JPN, PPD and schools to provide customized solutions based on your needs.

7. Leveraging the quality of learning in Malaysia.

8. Capability and capacity to transform the delivery of the Ministry of Education

9. Collaborate with parents, community and the private sector is widely

10. Maximize student success for every dollar.

11. Improving transparency for direct public accountability

Hopefully this made ​​reform more able to increase competitiveness and quality of education students excel in school. Resources Daily News, Wednesday, September 12, 2012

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Hundreds in Sabah among Genneva Gold investors

Thursday, 4 October 2012

KOTA KINABALU - Hundreds of people in Sabah, including many school teachers, are believed to be among investors of gold trading scheme run by Genneva Malaysia Sdn. Bhd whose promise in Malaysia and Singapore were raided by the authorities for suspected offences under the laws.

Bank Negara (BNM) said on Monday the joint raiding operation was carried by the police, Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry, Companies Commissions of Malaysia and the central bank.

BNM said Singapore’s Commercial Affairs Department also conducted a similar operation against Genneva Pte Ltd in Singapore.

Report on the raids had prompted scores of anxious investors to converge at the company’s headquarters in Jalan Kuchai. Maju 6, kuala Lumpur, and tis office in Penang, to seek clarification.

Bank Negara Malaysia spokesman Lee Poh Fong said a statement would be issued after investigations had concluded.

“There is nothing wrong with gold trading but we want investors to be careful against those promising high returns.” she said, referring to a previous press release issued on Sept 5.

According to the domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Affairs Ministry’s enforcement division, the action was in response to numerous complaints by invertors.

Division head Mohd Roslan Mahayudin said besides Bank Negara, the lead agency heading the operations and investigations, the ministry had also been receiving complaints over the past four months from people who had allegedly lost their investments.

“the decisions to raid Genneva was carried out by a task force led by BNM to probe get-rich-quick schemes,” he said.

Sources familiar with the investigations said the company was being investigated for offences under money-laundering and deposit- taking laws.

Singapore’s Commercial Affairs Department conducted a similar swoop on Genneva Pte Ltd Orchard Towers office in the city-state on Monday.

Genneva has ceased all transactions pending the outcome of the investigations.

In a public statement posted on its Facebook page and website, the fifm urged agent and customers to stay calm while it settled the issues with the authorities.


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