SAPP: Our dealings with Pakatan dictation, not talks

Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) today described its dealings with Pakatan Rakyat as one-way rather then two-way communication, when it said its ties were not negotiations but dictation.

In a statement today, SAPP deputy president Amdee Sidek (left) queried PKR deputy president Azmin Ali and vice-president Tian Chua for their quickness in closing the door to SAPP, although the party de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim said otherwise yesterday.

“SAPP has been deliberately responding only mildly or even keeping mum to any unfriendly statements made in the media by fellow opposition parties in the past few weeks. The idea behind the silence was to avoid giving conflicting signal to Sabah’s voters,” said Amdee.

He said SAPP’s silence following the comments was so that the party would be on safe ground at all times, as we found that it isn’t really negotiation but rather dictation, where it is either you’re in or you’re out.

“Sabahans have been informed about SAPP’s eight-point declaration and autonomy as the threshold of the party’s struggle, which is not exchangeable with anything less.”

Amdee also struck back at Azmin and Chua’s rebuke of SAPP when Anwar was reported to have said talks are still open between the SAPP and Pakatan.

“Does it mean that Azmin and Chua made a mistake in closing the door too soon?” he asked, adding that earlier SAPP Youth chief Edward Dagul had asked Pakatan leaders to spell out how many seats Pakatan wanted SAPP to field candidates in the forthcoming general election.

“The idea behind the question was so that we could respond quickly as we have in fact readed a line-up, our planning had been in place for more than three years, long before any other opposition parties announced or even existed. SAPP has been making statement after statement about fielding candidates in sufficient seats for a simple majority,” he said.

SAPP, Amdee said, would stand in seats where it has candidates and infrastructure ready.

“SAPP believes this is the opportune time for Sabahans to change the government which has been ruling the state for the past 50 years, resulting in massive abuse of state resources, in particular, land. Administration of Sabah must be by Sabahans,” he emphasised.


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